Christianity is not about what we do but all about what God HAS DONE FOR US and that’s why we can have true peace in our heart.

“By returning and being at rest you will be saved. By being quiet and trusting you will be strong.” (Isaiah 30.15)


The world we live in so often seems uncertain, foreboding and even scary. We desperately need solid ground. God has supplied that for us! Through faith in Jesus, we have this comfort, joy, peace and security. In the Bible, He has given us His sure Word and promises, which always remain true.


We invite you to come to Faith Lutheran Church. There you will find God's Word preached in its truth and purity. There you will find that comfort, joy, peace that only Jesus can give you in the forgiveness of sins. There you will find a whole new meaning to life. There you will find Jesus, your Savior, to confide in, confess to, live for, gain strength from, and be saved by. Faith Lutheran Church is for you.



Faith Lutheran Church
8500 Durand Ave
Sturtevant, WI 53177
Phone (262) 886-2522

Service Times

Saturday Worship 4:00 pm
Sunday Worship 9:00 am